Enuma's Todo series utilizes
the latest in game design, engineering,
and AI technology.

Todo One / Todo Series

Enuma's Todo series is designed with a focus on learning effectiveness based on the latest research and has become the standard for basic education apps by enabling children of all abilities to succeed in learning.

Todo One: the Right Way to Begin Learning

Available countries:
South Korea

Unlimited access to 20,000+ foundational learning and reward content

33 Workbooks , 3 poster, and study guide

Dedicated tablet (Galaxy A8), case, stand, touch pen, KakaoTalk-based parent report

Todo Math: the World's #1

Available countries:

Ranked #1 in the Kids & Education categories of the App Store in 20+ countries

Kid-friendly and interactive math activities

Curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards

Todo English: an English Preschool for All

Available countries:
South KoreaJapanChina

3,500+ learning content

Parent learning reminders through KakaoTalk

AI-based English speaking program

Todo Korean: Inspiring Reading

Available countries:
South Korea

Phonics based curriculum, based on how Hangul was created

Master Korean decoding with fun drills

Read a variety of books to build basic literacy skills

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