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Founding Story

Enuma's goal is to create the best digital products that enable all children to learn independently, even if they have a learning difference.

Sooinn Lee (CEO) was a former game designer, and Gunho Lee (Chief Engineer) was a former technical director at NCSOFT and a PhD in computer science from UC Berkeley. Together, they envisioned children learning based on fun and success. They co-founded the company because they believed it would be especially helpful for children who traditionally struggle to learn.

Today, in 2023, we have more than 120 Korean and English-speaking employees working in California, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, and Jakarta.

“Fulfill the Dreams of Future Generations…Seek Solutions in Busan”
Sooinn Lee, CEO of Eunma

Korea’s World Expo Bid Presentation at BIE General Assembly, Paris (June, 2023)

The Entrepreneur Who Empowered
13 Million Children
Thought Experiment EP 1

EO (April, 2023)

The Winner of the $5M Grand Prize Funded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk | Sooinn Lee, CEO of Enuma

EO (2020)

When Learning is Painful:
Sooinn Lee at TEDx BayArea

TEDx Talks (2013)

Exceptional Learning Experience for Every Child

Enuma's products are characterized by clear learning outcomes, beautiful and easy-to-use design, and high accessibility with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for all children.
In addition to the Global Learning XPRIZE, Enuma has won many other awards.

  • Winner 2020
    The 2020 Innovation for the SDGs Competition
  • Winner
    Global Learning XPRIZE
  • Gold Medal, 2015, 2018
    Parents' Choice Gold Award
  • Finalist 2016
    SIIA CODiE Award
  • Best Family App 2016
    Google Play Best App

Company History


Launched Todo One,
a comprehensive tablet-based program, in Korea


10 million new downloads of Todo Math


Launched Todo Korean

Opened Enuma Japan and Enuma Indonesia

Launched Enuma School Indonesia (Sekolah Enuma Indonesia)


Launched Todo English in Korea, China, and Japan
Awarded #1 Bestseller in the education category, Google Play Korea

Named Solution of the Year at the UN's Science, Technology, and Innovation (UN STI) Forum 2020

Provided Todo Geulbang (Todo Korean + Todo Math) to over 4,000 children as a corporate CSR program

Named as Korean MOE e-learning Globalization Project ‘LEAD Innovation Group’ Company

Partnered with KOICA for Kitkit School Online Free Distribution Campaign as COVID-19 Response (55 Countries, 357 Participating Organizations)


Named co-winner of the Global Learning XPRIZE


Opened the Korea Office

Won Parents' Choice Gold Award


Awarded Best Family App of the Year, Google Play Korea


Won Parents' Choice Gold Award

Opened Enuma China

Changed company name to Enuma, Inc.


Launched Todo Math
Ranked #1 in the Kids & Education categories on App Store in 20+ countries


Founded in Berkeley, California as Locomotive Labs, Inc.

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