Todo Telling Time Is Available in the App Store!

Yippee! Todo (pronounced toh-doh) Telling Time is available in the App Store! With 6 super fun mini-games, eye-candy graphics, and oodles of play-based learning, your child will love exploring the new Todo Telling Time app.

Learning to tell time can be a real struggle for a lot of kiddos. As adults, we take time-telling for granted. Put yourself in the shoes of your youngster. Learning to tell time on an analog clock is HARD. It’s complicated. It requires a lot of fundamental math skills like counting to 60 and counting by 5s. Understanding the difference between a day, an hour and a minute is mind blowing when you think about it.

But today, my amazing and loveable co-workers offer a sweet and special app so that learning to tell time with your child is simple and fun.

So What’s Included in Todo Telling Time?

 * 6 multi-level mini games.

* Play report that awards a gold star on a calendar for each day your child plays Todo Telling Time.

* Activities that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards kindergarten through second grade.

* Eye-candy, eye-popping, eye-love-you graphics.

* Learn to tell time on an analog and digital clock.

* Learn days of the week, months of the year and days of the month.

* Explore elapsed time by minutes and hours through an interactive clock face

* And much more!

Check out the demo video before buying.

Introductory Pricing

But to really experience Todo Telling Time, you’ll need to download the app for yourself. We are offering an introductory price of $3.99 for a limited time only. Get it today before we raise the price in November.

Award-Winning Design and Play Tester Giggles

Todo Telling Time is also an award-winning app! How can that be when we are releasing it today? We were fortunate to be selected to preview Todo Telling Time at LaunchEDU and it won best in design!

As much as we are grateful for awards from adults, it’s little in comparison to the praise we received from our young play testers. We’d like to give a special thank you to the 4, 5, 6, and 7-year-old boys and girls that played (and broke) Todo Telling Time. Without them, Todo Telling Time would not be as amazing as what you experience today. The chief play-tester in particular was especially generous with his giggles and smiles as we delighted him with more games and improvements while developing the app.

Happy Birthday Todo Telling Time! We wish you and your prospective players a bright and happy future!