Todo Math

Start your math adventure with Todo Math – the award winning app developed by experienced educators and researchers from UC Berkeley, and piloted in conjunction with 1,300+ teachers with exceptional feedback.

Children can choose different game modes for a personalized and interactive learning experience.

The Daily Adventure mode helps build good study habits with 10 minutes of math activities based on each child's level.

Free Choice mode has over 25 multi-level games for children to explore.

Mission mode covers 60+ standards-aligned math concepts from pre-K through 2nd grade.

Play-based Monster Quizzes reinforce learning – with fun monsters kids can collect!

“My Info” page lets parents or teachers set goals and track learning progress, as well as providing access for 7 different languages and specialized font for children with dyslexia.

Children as young as 3 can start with Todo Math’s number tracing game.

Our technology allows young children to write their answers on the screen.

Multiple input modes for learners. For children who find writing difficult, Todo Math offers the ability to tap and drag 'number blocks' as a helpful alternative.

Todo Math includes memory and critical thinking games, both foundational to developing math skills.

Tallies brings manipulatives into the iPad.

Falling Shapes covers geometry concepts.

    Complete and Interactive Math for Preschool and Beyond
    Todo Math® offers children practice and support for preschool through 2nd grade math skills. Calculating sums and differences fluently and understanding the meaning of these mathematical operations are critical to young students in building a strong foundation for further mathematical learning. Todo Math helps teach children about counting and writing numerals, addition and subtraction, time and money, logical reasoning and geometry.


    1. Free Choice Mode
    Todo Math’s growing curriculum starts with 25+ free choice games. All games accommodate learning levels from preschool through 2nd grade and help to improve math fluency while supporting the conceptual understanding of early math.
    2. Math Missions, Daily Adventures and Monster Quizzes
    Just 10 minutes of daily practice will help your child master math skills and even accelerate progress throughout the year. Todo Math's Daily Adventures make math practice a blast!

    Progression and skill-building are emphasized in Mission Mode, where multiple game modes are combined to support standards-aligned math concepts. Each of Todo Math’s 60+ missions have 7 mini-game stages that encourage child to solve 50-100 problems in a row! Play-based Monster Quizzes help reinforce learning with fun monsters kids can collect. Mission Mode's curated and evolving features create a positive, interactive and personalized math experience for your child.
    3. Multiple Input Modes Support All Learners
    We are serious about accessibility! Our technology empowers children to write their answers directly on the screen. For children who find writing difficult, Todo Math offers the ability to drag and drop 'number blocks' as a quick and easy alternative. There are also options for left-handers and children with dyslexia, as well as a simple keypad for entering numbers.

    Students with Learning Differences

    "All means all" is an expression we embrace at Todo Math and it's the inspiration behind our app's name. Todo, meaning "all" in Spanish, is our way of communicating the inclusion of children with learning differences in the apps' design and development. We have features that make our games playable to children with working memory or visual processing issues, language delays or under-developed fine motor skills. We even have customizable settings for left-handed or dyslexic students.

      Reviews and Awards

      • Winner of a 2015 Parents’ Choice Gold Award
      • Best Design Award Winner at Launch Education & Kids Conference
      • Ranked #1 in 18 countries' Education or Kids App Store categories, including US, UK, China and Korea.

      “The developers of Todo Math have taken special care to create a math tool that's safe for kids, inclusive of different learning abilities, and aligned to math educational standards and best practices.”

      Graphite,Common Sense Media