Lesson Plan Section

Counting Lesson Plan!
Count On! includes easy-to-follow steps, simple materials, and an emphasis on hands-on learning. This lesson is best suited for preschool and kindergarten, though could be adapted for any student that struggles with one-to-one correspondence and counting in order. We created the lesson with struggling learners in mind, and just like our app, made sure that it aligns to the Common Core State Standards.
Life-Sized Addition!
Life-Sized Addition is a kinesthetic lesson plan written for first and second grade students, though it can be adapted for Kindergarten too! Life-Sized Addition is a great way to help students conceptualize the concepts of adding two groups and counting on. It features a giant-ten frame and is aligned with the Todo Math Practice mini-game, Falling Blocks.
How Many Cookies?
How Many Cookies? is a fun, interactive lesson plan that your students will be sure to enjoy! Kindergarten students will be motivated by the use of real snacks as they complete sentence frames to add groups of treats together. This lesson plan is easily adaptable for students who need a great challenge. It aligns to the Todo Math Practice mini-game, Cookies.