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New Haircut Social Story Template

Yesterday I went to take photos for a new Kid in Story Book Maker template called “Let’s Get a Haircut.” Lil Couture in San Mateo, CA was kind enough to host the photo shoot and Cathy, the owner, gave me tips on how to make the haircutting experience nice for boys and girls.


1. If your child is reluctant to get their hair washed, the barber or stylist can use a spray bottle to wet the hair instead.

2. Girls with long hair need clips to section the hair before cutting it. The clips can be tricky for some girls – it’s an odd sensation to have your hair sectioned. Let the stylist know if your child isn’t used to the clips so she can explain what they are for and that they’ll be taken out soon.

3. The hair dryer is loud and some kids shy away from it. I know my daughter did. Let your child get familiar with the blow dryer by having them dry your hair before the stylist dries theirs.

4. Clippers and trimmers are used for boys with short haircuts. The sound can be off-putting to some. Cathy calls her trimmer the buzzy bee. She prepares her clients by letting them know it won’t hurt but it might tickle around the nape of their neck and behind their ears.

5. For reluctant clients, sometimes it helps to have the child sit on their parent’s lap or have a parent hold their hand while they are getting their haircut.

6. Distractions like an iPad or a TV helps make the experience fly by! Lil Couture had a TV screen at each station.

7. And finally, a lollipop or other treat always completes the experience in a positive way.

Here are two screen shots of the upcoming “Let’s Get a Haircut” template for girls. I couldn’t resist using a goofy photo. We’ll also include a boy’s haircut template in our next update.


Lil Couture Salon

Lil Couture Salon




Getting a haircut

Getting a haircut

Do you have any suggestions on how to make a trip to the barber a positive one?