Summer and Cordie and Art 2014

Math on the Go

Summer is a time for lemonade, 4th of July fireworks, camping, county fairs, and swimming at the local swimming hole. For almost all kids, summer is also a time of learning loss especially when it comes to math.

Determined to buck the summer learning loss trend, I am armed with early elementary math activities, strategies and of course Todo Math, ensuring my two children continue to hone their math super powers. Over the next 7 weeks, I’ll be chronicling our math adventures using Todo Math and sharing the joys and tribulations of my grand “summer homeschooling” experience.

At our house, math is usually experienced at the kitchen table. We count cheerios, Montessori beads, and colorful puffballs. For kids who struggle with math, hands on manipulatives to teach and learn math are a best practice. So I rely on them a lot! But they aren’t that travel friendly and this summer, we are on the go go go.

On a recent trip to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, we traveled with a deck of cards and a notebook that conveniently fits in my purse. That’s my two kiddlets checking out artwork from Zachary Cahill. What goes well with art? Math of course. Why not? After our trip, I challenged my oldest to a game of War. And you know what? She won every single game.

Here are a few card games we play.

  1. Name the card – This summer we transitioned from Spot it, Go Fish and Old Maid cards to a standard deck. My kids needed a lesson on what the Ace, King, Queen, and Jack cards were as well as the names of spades and club cards. Once they were familiar with the vocabulary, we moved on to assigning values to the face cards.
  2. Sort the cards – This activity reinforces the first lesson and gives them opportunities to name the cards as they sort them.
  3. Go Fish
  4. Count the face cards by 10s
  5. Count the 5 cards
  6. War – A two player game where the one with the highest valued card takes the pot.
  7. War addition – players put down two cards each, add them up and whoever has the highest value takes the pot.
  8.  Solitaire

Here are a few Todo Math games that complement and reinforce what card games the kids are playing on the go.


Counting  Counting by 2




Falling Blocks

Falling Blocks







Equation Maker

Equation Maker 2Equation Maker





Quick Addition

Quick Addition





What simple card games do your children enjoy playing?


Until next time!