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Enuma’s Kitkit School Selected as Semi-finalist in Global Learning XPRIZE Competition

After over a year of preparation, Enuma has been selected as a semi-finalist in the Global Learning XPRIZE competition. The team advances to the semi-final round with Kitkit School, a tablet-based application that builds foundational math and literacy skills. What started as an initial concept in 2015 has developed into a comprehensive solution which enables kids around the world to succeed as independent learners, and the judges have taken notice!

Semi-finalists chosen by panel of independent judges

A total of 135 registered XPRIZE teams had 18 months to create software that empowers children to take control of their own learning. The 11 semi-finalists were chosen by a panel of independent judges. Only five leading candidates from this select group of semi-finalists will advance to the final round. The grand prize will ultimately be awarded to the team whose technology demonstrates the greatest proficiency in reading, writing and arithmetic based on field test results that will take place in Tanzania.

Enuma’s award-winning experience

Enuma has a long history of developing educational tools to assist diverse learners. The company was founded by professional game designers who are also parents of children with special needs. Enuma’s dedication and expertise in developing inclusive learning software has resulted in award-winning applications that are specially made to help all children realize their full potential. Todo Math, Enuma’s flagship early learning math application, was named Best App on Google Play (Korea) in 2016. In addition, Enuma’s accessibility apps for visual narratives and daily schedules were selected into the New Schools Ignite Special Education Cohort for 2017.

A core mission to support all children

Kitkit School, Enuma’s entry to the Global Learning XPRIZE, reflects Enuma’s core mission of making education accessible for all children. Its comprehensive curriculum and flexible learning architecture span early childhood through early elementary using international best practices in literacy and math education. As alignment grows in this collective mission to support the world’s students, Enuma’s team will continue to draw upon their history of dedication, hard work and excellence to drive them through to the next phase of the XPRIZE competition and beyond.

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