children with autism

Enuma’s Apps are Designed to Support Children with Autism

Did you know that apps made by Enuma are designed to support children with diverse learning needs, including children with autism? We uphold independence, motivation and success for ALL children as our guiding principles. Our goal is to change “I can’t do it” challenges into “I did it!” victories.

Here are some of our products that are designed for children with autism:

1) Children with Autism: A Visual Schedule is the first wearable visual scheduler designed to help children understand what’s happening now and what’s next in their daily routine.

2) Kid In Story Book Maker is designed for children who need social stories and visual narratives to complement auditory directions, model expected social behavior and reinforce routines. The app helps children connect with the experience by allowing them to be the protagonist of their own stories.

3) Todo Math is our award-winning comprehensive math app for early learners. It was designed for all learners, but also takes into account children with autism by using predictable game play that avoids overly stimulating graphics and sounds. Todo Math covers PreK-2nd grade math skills and is tightly scaffolded to support all children who may struggle to keep up in the classroom.

For more autism resources, visit the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism and their recap of Autism Acceptance Month. They also highlight Apple’s app collection for autism.

We welcome you to visit to learn more about our apps during Autism Awareness. If you have questions about our apps, please reach out to (or @EnumaApps on Twitter) and we’d be happy to start a conversation.

–The Enuma Team