Introducing Equation Maker – New Todo K-2 Math Practice Mini Game

Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, your kids can spend part of their school break playing Todo K-2 Math Practice mini game, Equation Maker!┬áThis new mini game offers children ample opportunities to practice solving number sentences. Using fun puzzle pieces, your child will build addition, subtraction, and early multiplication equations! Equation Maker can be […]

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4 Classroom Tips To Teach Time Telling With The iPad

The Todo Telling Time app is a great supplementary resource for teachers to use in the classroom. The Common Core State Standards do not give much time or attention to the concept of telling time. However, it is a basic life skill that is expected of all adults. This is not usually an automatic skill […]

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Todo Telling Time Is Available in the App Store!

Yippee! Todo (pronounced toh-doh) Telling Time is available in the App Store! With 6 super fun mini-games, eye-candy graphics, and oodles of play-based learning, your child will love exploring the new Todo Telling Time app. Learning to tell time can be a real struggle for a lot of kiddos. As adults, we take time-telling for […]

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Why Do Students Struggle With Telling Time?

We live in a digital age, where child are exposed to digital time on everything from microwaves to cell phones. The skill of telling time on an analog clock is receiving increasingly less value in this modern age. In fact, the Common Core State Standards only dedicates two of all mathematical standards to telling time- […]

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