Enuma® (previously LocoMotive Labs) was founded in July 2012 by two parents committed to supporting children with special needs.

Designing games is not new to us; before Enuma was founded, most of us spent our professional lives working on popular massively multiplayer online games. Becoming parents helped change our motivations.

Inspired by our own children with special needs and the educators and therapists who facilitate their learning, we decided to dedicate our talents to designing accessible games and applications that help all children learn independently.

We at Enuma are devoted to improving our children's future though the creation of exceptional learning applications.

TEDx BayArea ‘When learning is painful’ By Sooinn Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Enuma

Guiding Principles

Independence, motivation, and success are our guiding principles, inspired by our work with speech and language pathologists, special education teachers, occupational therapists and other education professionals.

These principles heavily influence both what apps we choose to develop and the way we design them. Learning independently is an empowering experience for any child, especially for those with special needs.

We prioritize children with special needs throughout the design, development and testing processes. We uphold independence, motivation and success for all children as guiding our guiding principles, and as a result, we produce high-quality learning apps that change "I can't do it" educational challenges into "I did it!" victories.

The Team

The Enuma team is comprised of award-winning game designers and developers closely collaborating with parents, teachers, math education specialists, and speech and language pathologists to elevate digital learning experiences for all children.

Sooinn Lee
CEO & Creative Lead

Gunho Lee
Chief Engineer

Josephine Lai
Operations Manager

Jessica Reisfelt
Curriculum and Game Design Consultant

Anna Johnson
Director of Communications

Sang Jun Park
Product Manager

Sunmi Seol
Software Engineer

Eugine Chung

Youtaeg Jeon
Director; Korea Office Head

Hansang Jo
Art Director

Sukkwon Lee
Software Engineer

Sungwoo Kang
Software Engineer

Jaehun Jung
Software Engineer

Jinyoung Yoon
Web Designer

Jack Podell
Education Programs Consultant

Dalrae Kim
Visual Designer

Kayla Kim
Korea Business Development

Jaehun Lee
China Business Development

Doo Haeng Lee
Service Designer

Mike Jaffe
Marketing & Communications Writer

David Zhou
Service operator

Hye Kyung Lee
Assesment & Evaluation Consultant

Jinna Cha
Game Designer

Hyeongyu Yu
Software Engineer

Special Project Consultant

Academic Advisor

Maya Israel, Ph.D, Researcher
Dr. Israel is an assistant professor of special education at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC). Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Illinois, she worked at the University of Cincinnati and was on the leadership team of the UC Fusion Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Research and Education Center. Her primary area of specialization involves supporting students with disabilities in gaining meaningful access to STEM learning through instructional strategies and technologies.
Her research investigates students’ digital and print literacies as well as teachers’ use of instructional strategies and technologies to enhance STEM learning.